This summer I have been in 2 trips, one to Malta and one to Paris. These trips have made me want to travel 100 times more, I truly love how travelling makes me feel.

The first trip, the one to Malta, was with friends and it made me realise how much I loved travelling and going to new places. And that trip made are friendships grow stronger. I will never forget it.

Even though I absolutely loved going to Malta, my trip to Paris was absolutely incredible. I was completely blown away with the beauty of the city.
It helped me realise so many things, like for example that you can find happiness somewhere else. I love living in Barcelona, but sometimes I get tired of the people surrounding me and sometimes all I need is to go away.
Going to Paris made me so happy, even though I wished I went with friends, because that is always much more fun.

My desire to travel, my wanderlust, is so big, I can't wait to travel more.

Travelling truly makes me happy.

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