This year I discovered Colourpop, a brand that has become one of my favourite ones.
The first products I bought were the Ultra Matte liquid lipstick in #Tulle and the Ultra Satin liquid lipstick in #TooLips.

Ultra Matte in the shade #Tulle:
Tulle is "Not the douchey kind but a dusty mauve burgundy"
I is absolutely beautiful. The formula is great. I must say though it is quite drying so if you are one of those people that can't stand that feeling of really dry lips then go for the Ultra Satin option and don't pick up the Ultra Matte.
It does stay on my lips for a long time. The only thing is that when I eat the inside of my lower lip fades out but that's what happens with any lipstick. It is also transfer proof.

Ultra Satin in the shade #TooLips:
TooLips is a "deepened plum brown". This one is very dark so if you're not into that you might just pick a lighter one because this formula is totally worth it. I am a huge fan of this new formula they came up with. It's very comfortable on the lips and it is not drying at all. This one it not transfer proof though. It also stays on my lips for a long time.
This one comes with a matching lip liner.

The application of both liquid lipsticks is good, it has got the classic wand:

As always, here you have both swatches on my arm (#Tulle on top and #TooLips below):

One of the most amazing things is the price, they're both only 6$ (5,45€)!!

Overall I definitely suggest you try both liquid lipstick from colourpop and more of their products because the quality is outstanding.

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