Hello! I had been looking for a foundation that controlled my oily skin and actually worked. And I am so happy to say that I may have found one that works really great + it is drugstore: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation.

I have quite an oily skin, and I was dying to find one affortable foundation that did its job and controlled my shine.
Maybelline first had the Fit Me foundation for normal to dry skin I believe, and more recently they came up with the one for normal to oily skin (or combination skin), which also is matte + poreless.

This foundation claims:
-It mattifies and refines pores
-It matches natural tone
-It has a natural, seamless finish

First of all, I picked up the shade 112 in Natural Ivory, which is one of the palest shades, and I didn't thought about this when I was purchasing it, the thing is that is my winter shade (yes I am very pale then), but in summer I get tanner and this obviously doesn't match my skin tone at all, so bear that in mind.
And maybelline has a great range of shades, so I'm sure everyone can find the shade to match their skin tone.

It definitely has a matte finish, which I absolutely love because it is not the kind of matte that you see and think "what the hell is that porcelain or skin", but rather a natural beautiful matte.
It spreads seamlessly across the skin with a weightless feeling, and it doesn't feel overly drying on your skin.

And I find it doesn't settle into your pores, which is amazing.

It is also dermatologist and allergy tested, so you don't have to worry about that.

Again, I agree and it totally matches your natural skin tone, because even though I'm very pale in winter, I think this shade was a tiny bit lighter, and of course I didn't want to look paler, but I applied it and it blended in with my skin tone, which was great.

And the most important thing for us girls with oily skin, it actually controlled shine! The oilier zone I have is the T-zone, like most people. And I found that when I went to take off my makeup, of course it wasn't as good as I first applied it, but it definitely controlled most of my oily zone. It is not perfect, but definitely a great one. (I always wear powder on top of it, which of course always helps).

The only downside to this product, is that it doesn't have the pump applicator, which sucks because I personally find it annoying this way. But one thing that I have realised is that in the UK for example, they have a different packaging, which aesthetically speaking, I think the glass bottle is prettier, but the plastic packaging they have in the UK is more convenient.

This foundation isn't available in Spain yet, which totally sucks, at least for me (my aunt bought it for me when she was in the US, that's why I have it).

This foundation is about 8$ (which is about 7€), amazing price!

Over all I totally recommend this foundation for all the oily skins out there, I absolutely love it and I think it is completely worth it.

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