Recently I was looking through my makeup drawers and found this 2 products I totally forgot I had. This are 2 lip plumpers, or as the brand, Bruno Vassari, calls them: Lip gloss therapy.

Bruno Vassari is a good quality makeup brand with its headquarters in Barcelona.

This 2 products are a cosmetic treatment that provides the lip with shine, moisture and volume, due to the hyaluronic acid in its formula.

I have mine in the shades nº 1 and nº 8.

Here you have them swatched on my arm:

You can check out this product here and you can buy it here.

This prouct is 16,30€ (which is about 18$).

The packaging is very nice, although for some reason they are different and I'm without a doubt fan of the packaging of the nº 8 lipgloss, with the black matte finish.

When you apply it you feel that refreshening and tingly feeling a lip plumper is supposed to do. And it is not sticky at all, so I'm a big fan of that. Overall it is a great product!

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