Hello, my name is Sofia. I’m 15 and I live in Barcelona. Now that I’ve just presented myself, I would like to tell you why I decided to create this blog.
Today, 12/07/2016 I was listening to some music, doing nothing and I started thinking about what I like. I love travelling, makeup, fashion, art, photography,… But I have never really shared my thoughts, tips, ideas about these things with anyone.
So I have decided to start a blog. This will be like ma petite évasion, in english "my little escape".

Here there are some of my favourite feelings:

  1. Listening to a meaningful song.
    There are plenty of songs I like, but when you put your earphones on and this song with an special meaning, melody or lyrics pops up; it’s different.

  2. Spontaneous plans with good company.
    Obviously I love hanging out with people I like, whether it’s family or friends or someone special. But if you add a little bit of spontaneity I will probably be even more excited.
  3. Sunsets.
    One of my very favourite things to do is to watch the sunset. I think there is no such thing. It is so beautiful.

  4. One of my favourite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence. (Found this one on Tumblr and I completely related to it).
  5. Laughing.
    And I mean those uncontrollable laughs that make you cry and in that moment you feel good.
  6. Hugs.
    And I mean those true hugs with your best friends that make you feel loved and protected and calmed.
  7. Friends.
    Not just any kind of friends, but those with whom you can be your true self in from of them.
  8. Achieving goals.
    When you have accomplished something you really wanted, or have achieved one of your goals in life; when you know you have worked for it yourself and you have achieved it and you feel proud of yourself.

  9. Going to bed after a long hard day.
    Not much to add, simple as that.

  10. New experiences.
    I love doing new things, going to new places, learning new things; maybe you like them or maybe you don’t. But it’s a new experience.
  11. Eating your favourite food.
  12. Taking pictures and making memories.
  13. Being surrounded with good vibes.
  14. Flowers & Plants, Dogs & Cats.


  15. Crossing things out of my bucket list.


  16. Expressing myself.
    Drawing, writing, talking, whatever I may need.

I hope you liked this post, if you want you could leave me a comment down below saying what you would like to see in further posts.
P.S: All photos are mine

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