Hello! Recently I received a packaging full of Essence goodies and I am so happy with most of the products! Enjoy these reviews!

All I Need concealer palette:
This is actually the first concealer palette I have ever gotten and I'm having fun playing around with it.
The concealers are pigmented and the packaging is great and it includes information about each colour.
One downside I may say though, is that when I applied it to my face it did feel kind of thick and I personally don't like that feeling on my skin.

The Velvet single eyeshadows:
When I first saw the range of The Velvet products I was so excited to try them out and I must say I love the shades of these eyeshadows.
I think they are very pretty but maybe a little bit too powdery.

Blush Ball:
This is the first blush I've tried in this ball packaging and let me tell you I'm so into it!
The shade is beautiful and it is so cool to apply. I really like it.

Glossy Stick and Matte Stick:
Regarding to the glossy stick, I think it is great if you like that glossy lipstick feeling.
As for the matte stick, I really like it! The pigmentation is great and I love the feeling, I do think it could last longer though.

2 in 1 Shadow and Liner:
I am a huge fan of these shadow sticks and liners 2 in 1. I love the shades, the pigmentation and how long they last. They also claim to be waterproof.

Prettifying Lip Oil:

I have actually tried this a couple of times only so I definitely need to keep applying it but at the moment I have actually found that it leaves my lips feeling a bit smoother although I still have to keep trying it.

Nail Polishes:
I have 4 different nail polishes: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 base + top coat and 1 mattifying top coat.
I can't wait to give these a try!


Overall, I am very happy with these products and I can't wait to try out more from Essence, I have been impressed!

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