Hello lovely people! Today I was going through old memories and remembering old experiences and I thought I would write a letter to my teenage self. Enjoy!

Dear Sofia,
I'm your future self, this november I'm turning 16.
You are 12 right now, ready the jump in this crazy teenage world. You have always been more mature for your age, but you have so many things to learn, you can't even imagine...

You need to prepare and be strong because this year will be hard. But even in those desperate times when there's nobody there to help you, you will keep moving forward, letting go and moving on.

If there is something I still haven't found a way to talk about, is death. So I'll just say it.
You will have to deal with a lost this year, it will be awful for you, for the whole class.

A year will pass and friendships will change. If there is a minimum piece of advice I can give you, is the following: If a person hurts you the same way twice, there will be a third and fourth time if you let it happen.

Also, I recently heard someone say that one of their goals for this year was to trust more people, to let people in easier.
Don't follow that goal.
Over the years you will have people betray your trust in many ways, and you will feel forced to put up a protection wall around your heart.
That's good and bad at the same time.
Just remember the right people will come to your life.

For some people you will look like a heartless bitch, but what these ignorant people don't know is your story.

All this pain will make you grow so much stronger, you can't even imagine.

After 3 school years, the whole class will be more united than ever. Although that will be at the end. Just remember, trust no bitch.

This last year, will proably be one of the hardests. But christmas will make you happier.
Sadly though, you will have to deal with something awful, something at this point I still deal with, but that is just life.

You will also start doing fitness and working out, and this will be the best thing ever. Don't stop doing it!

And although this has all been quite sad and depressing, you will also make some great memories with your friends you will never forget, and you will have so much fun.

Look forward for future trips because they will be amazing. And so many funny moments with those friends that they still make me laugh out loud at this point.

And just remember, always love yourself, don't give up and fight for what makes you happy.


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