On my trip to Paris I decided to buy something that I would use on the daily and that would remind me of Paris. So I went to Les Quatre Temps, in La Defense and I went to Etam and I picked up a little something I am obsessed with.

Etam is a store that sells super cute and sexy underwear, swimwear, clothing and beauty products (in france).
I knew the store, and I have wanted to buy there for the longest time. I didn't know they also sell makeup though, so when I got there and saw it I was the happiest person ever.

First I must say the lady that told me about this palette/quad and the products they had, was the nicest! So at least for me, the service is so important because I left the store being happy with my purchase and wanting to go back there again eventually.

When I went to Etam, luckily they were having this offer where if you bough 4 single eyeshadows you would get the palette to fill up with them for free (so that way you are saving 4,90€).
Click here to check out this offer.

Of course this is an empty palette with magnet and you can pick up the 4 shadows you prefer that way creating the perfect palette for you.

This is the palette I created:

I chose the following shades:
-Beige Adoré
-Rose D'Or
-Rose Au Bois Dormant
-Spicy Chocolate

(Bear in mind these photos don't make any justice to how they really look).

I couldn't be happier with my palette.
The quality is so great. Both the matte shadow (Spicy Chocolate) and the rest which are shimmery/satin/metal, have a lot of pigment and the shades are absolutely gorgeous.

It is also quite affortable. Each eyeshadow is 4,90€ (£4.26 | 5.48$) and the empty palette is also 4,90€ (they have 2 designs for the palette: the one I picked up and another one with a cheetah print).

Check out Etam here (if you want to check out their beauty line you have to change language and choose french because otherwise it doesn't show up).

Overall I totally recommend this palette and if you would like to create your own quad, this is a great option.

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