Hello! Yesterday I went to the mall and as always I go to see Primark's new goodies, and I picked up some cool things! Hope you enjoy!

First I went to the clothing section and I picked up a couple of tops I found, and I need to go back because I fell in love with one red top but they didn't have my size so I'll have to go to another Primark and pick it up.

The first one is a cropped grey t-shirt with the word fierce on its pocket.
I actually picked up the size 40 (uk: 12 | usa: 8), and my size is actually 34 (uk: 6 | usa: 4) so it is really baggy but I'm totally into that look so I love it.
Price: 6€ (6.66$ | 5£)

The second one is a cropped navy blue tank top with a white pattern on the bottom. (this looks 10 times better when you put it on, (you can't really see how it really looks on the picture). I picked up a bigger size again, again, there wasn't a smaller size, and I don't what is wrong but everytime I go to primark lately, most pieces of clothing are only in big sizes.
Price: 6€ (6.66$ | 5£)

Then I went to the beauty section (of course), and I actually didn't pick up any makeup products but I did pick up some accessories and beauty tools (I will probably review these products on another blogpost).

The first ones where these double ended makeup brushes:
The smokey eye shadow brush (1,5€ | 1.66$ | 1.27£):


The double ended eyebrow brush (1,5€ | 1.66$ | 1.27£):


The I also picked up something kind of boring but I just really needed it, a makeup pencil sharpener (1€):


Finally I decided to pick up a facial cleanse and massage brush, and I'm so excited to try it out and once I do I will let you guys know how it works (1,5€ | 1.66$ | 1.27£):


I love going shopping at Primark! Hope you enjoyed this little haul.

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