Hello! Today I will tell you about the current things I have been loving, from makeup to music and random things. Hope you enjoy!

1. Essence Lights of Orient eyebrow shaper in the shade Oriental Beauty.
Essence has this limited edition products of Lights of Orient, and one of the things I picked up was this eyebrow shaper/pencil and I love it, and it perfectly matches my brows colour.
(I will do a full review on these products soon)

2. The originals.
I am a huge tv shows fanatic, and The Originals is one of those shows I absolutely love. I stopped watching it for a bit because of school, but now I have started watching from the 16th episode of season 2, which is where I left and I am loving it. (Let me know your thoughts on The Originals if you've seen the show).

3. Jaymes Young - I'll be good
I totally love this song, I discovered this song and artist searching for new music on youtube and I found it and now I love it.

4. My MP4

Yes I know most people are gonna be like 'what the hell so oooooold shcool and blah blah blah' but I love it. To be honest I would rather listen to music on my phone but whenever I downloaded music after a week it somehow got deleted, and it pissed me off so much everytime that happened, so I decided to grab my very old mp4 and download music there and it is awesome. I have hundreds of songs and the battery lasts for such a long time, it has last for even a whole week listening music everyday.

5. The Best Of Me
A film from a Nicholas Sparks book. I absolutely loved it, and the end was so shocking (which isn't a bad thing), at least for me because I was expecting a happily ever after ending and it is not really like that. But definitely worth watching. (If you have seen it leave your thoughts down below cause I would love to know what you think about the film).

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