Hello! This summer, on the 27th of July I went on a 4 day trip to Malta with some friends! I had the best time there, so I thought I would share with you how was my trip and Malta's top places to go. Enjoy!

This was a trip with my classmates, and we decided to spend some days in Malta. 

We took the plane with the spanish company Vueling, and we left about 3 hours late, so that was quite an experience.
We arrived to Malta at about 3:00am.

We stayed at the Alexandra Hotel, in St. Julians
This was quite a nice hotel. They have 3 different types of rooms: the standard rooms, the superior rooms and the apartments. We were about 17 people so they obviously divided us into many different rooms.
The best one was of course the apartment (where I stayed), with a balcony, space and comfort.
Then I also saw 2 different types of standard rooms which were smaller, and if I may say, a little bit uglier. I didn't have a chance to see a superior room though.
If I may suggest one, I'd say you book the apartment room because it was great.

Photo: Hotel room views

The hotel had 2 pools and a spa zone (which for some reason I didn't see). It also has a gym but it wasn't available when I went.
They have one pool on the top of the building, which is great. And another one which is the indoor pool with a big jacuzzi, which was great aswell (this one with warmer water).

Regarding to the food, it was okay. The breakfast was a bit poor, yes you had the main things, coffee, tea, juice, bread, muffins; but it was poor. And one thing that I couldn't understand is the fact that you had to pay to get bacon, or egg! That's crazy. I guess that's why I feel like it was poor, because I missed having eggs and bacon.
Lunch and dinner were way better, the food tasted great.

(I don't have any pictures of the Hotel but you can click here to see some).

DAY 1:
We went to have breakfast, then we went to grab a turistic bus. It was actually the first time I ever went on one, and it was very nice. And we went from St. Julians to La Valetta. And we spend the whole day there. To get to La Valetta, which is by the name the capital city of Malta, we grabbed a boat, and I loved the experience.
Also, that same day was the MTV Isle of Malta concert, but unfortunatly we didn't have the chance to go, what a shame! If you have the chance to go next year, it is definitely worth it, by the way, it is free!

Photos: The turistic bus & my view from the hotel room.

Photo: Me in the bus

DAY 2:
We went to Gozo! This was the most exciting part of the trip because Gozo has all those beautiful beaches and sea zones that you see when you search Malta in google images.
We saw that famous rock, which is called the Azure Window, and I must say I had never been to place like that. It was such a gorgeous sea and beautiful views. When going there I would recommend you put on some sneakers, don't go with flip flops like me and my friends did, because as you can see in the pictures below, there were rocks that hurted your feet, no joking I actually got some wounds on my feet, but it was okay.
Then we had dinner in a very nice restaurant with panoramic views, in Vittorija.
And after that we went to visit the city of Vittorija, and to get to know about its history. One thing that I haven't said yet is that Malta is a country with a lot of history. That's why for example you can see british telephone booth cabinets, because Malta used to be an english colony.

Photo: The Azure Window

Photos: Gozo, the Azure Window

Photos: Vittorija

DAY 3:
After spending a great morning relaxing in the swimming pools, we went back to Gozo, this time to a beach (without sand). I don't know if that has a name but it was just like a piece of sea, you just jumped off a high rock into the sea there was no sand like a normal beach.
Anyways, it was amazing, we had the best time! One piece of advice, if the water is as freezing cold as it was when I went, just jump off the rock to the water without thinking, seriously once you're in, the water was perfect.
Also, in places like this beach, it's a great spot to go snorkeling (as wikipedia says: the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually fins), there were lots of fishes.

Photo: Gozo

DAY 4:
We grabbed a bus and went to Mdina, a fortified city, full of history and souvenir shops. Then we went to the Golden Sands Beach, which is one of the few beaches with sand in Malta. I must say though, that I didn't like it. There was too much sun, the sea was full of seaweed, and I definitely recommend going to the other beaches without sand, they're way better! But if you do go to the Golden Sands beach, you have some places to have lunch which are great.
Then we headed back to St. Julians, we spend some more time in the pool,  then we went to buy some more souvenirs and finally we had our last meal in the hotel (which was dinner).
By the way when you go to a local store to buy something, when you pay and they give you the change in coins, check out the back of the coins, they will have things from Malta, so you can also keep those as a souvenir.
Finally we went to the airport, and back to Barcelona.

Photo: Panoramic view of Mdina

-St Paul's Bay
-St Julian's Bay
-The Azure Window
-St Julian
-Café del Mar (A place with a beautiful swimming pool, party, and a lot of drinks)
-Blue Lagoon (probably one of the most beautiful places, and unfortunatly I didn't go)
-Blue Lagoon cave

And that was my travel guide, I had a great time writing it, I hope you enjoyed it!

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