We've all had that moment when we just want and need to disconnect from everything after a long day, maybe a stressful week, and just relax. Here I give you 10 tips on how to relax after a lot of stress.

1. Take a deep breath.
This may sound stupid or pointless, but seriously before deciding what to do to relax, right when you finish whatever may be stressing you, take a deep breath and do something of the following.

2. Take a walk.
You have to like walking of course, but this one personally really helps me. I have had some really stressful days this week and I everytime I felt like I was just too stressed, I grabbed my earphones, my music and went for a walk. I instantly felt so much better.

3. Listen to music.
Music is a huge part of my life, it has always been. Listening to music always makes me feel better.

4. Strech and do exercise.
This really works aswell. I had been working out everyday for about 4 months and I felt so so so good with myself, it is crazy the change it had on both my body and mind. After a month of not working out I actually miss it and I'll get back to it soon. I definitely recommend streching and working out.

5. Write to unwind.
This sometimes helps me and sometimes doesn't, as always it just depends on how you're feeling. So if you feel like you need to get out of you whatever you're feeling, write or paint, whatever you prefer. It really helps.

6. Take a shower.
This is also very helpful, it helps you unwind completely.

7. Read.
This obviously depends on the person, but if you enjoy reading, whatever it is, articles, novels, comics,...  Lay down, grab a book and it will help you relax.

8. Go shopping.
Again this will work just if you enjoy going shopping, but I'm sure most of you do. For me that really helps aswell.

9. Go to a spa.
If you're feeling like spending a bit of money and can afford it, a spa will come in very handy.

And last but certainly not least..

10. Disconnect.
Disconnect from whatever is bothering you and stressing you out. Turn off your phone, laptop, go to a quiet place and let the silence unwind you.

I really hope this was helpful!

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